This is your chance to try H2prO for FREE!

We got sick of chalky choco /vanilla protein products and sugary hydration drinks so we created something totally unique and Keto Friendly!

It tastes kinda like one of the leading hydration drinks but with zero sugar, 8 grams of protein, hydrating electrolytes, and energizing vitamins there’s really no comparison!

H2prO is a hydration + protein drink mix designed to help you create healthy hydration and snack habits!

Its combination of lean muscle-building protein, hydrating electrolytes, energizing vitamins, and all-natural caffeine (optional) kills cravings and gives you sustained energy!

Use it in the morning when you wake up, as a healthy craving-killing snack, and as a refreshing alternative to chalky choco/vanilla post-workout protein shakes!

Pro Tip: You’ve gotta shake it up! H2prO requires extra mixing power so you’ve gotta use a shaker bottle. Start with about 18 oz of ice-cold water and adjust according to taste preference.

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