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Super Fat Keto Brownie Mix

Make rich, fudgy, grain-free, keto brownies at home with this easy, guilt-free mix. Only 2g net carbs per brownie.

Indulge in rich, chocolatey brownies without sacrificing your fitness goals. Using coconut flour and cocoa powder, SuperFat Brownie Mix dishes up that classic flavor without added sugar, gluten, grains, veggie oils, or junk.

All the ingredients inside are clean, minimal, and high quality. Bite into decadent, fudgy chocolate sweetened with low-carb erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit. They come together to make each serving only 2g net carbs.

There’s no bad time for brownies. You just need a couple of minutes, eggs, and some butter to whip up ultra-chocolatey brownies at home. Enjoy them as traditional brownies, brownie cupcakes, or crumbled brownie topping.


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