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Ever think about a keto meal delivery service leaving the planning and preparation to a team of professionally trained chefs? It saves time, reduces the fuss over portion/macro control and, depending on which plan you choose, it might save you money.

Here are a few keto meal delivery services to choose from:

Keto Fridge

Keto Fridge is a meal delivery service that has curated different keto-friendly meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How Keto Fridge works

Step One – Browse Keto Fridge website. Create an account and begin selecting meals, desserts and even baked goods.

Step Two – Complete the purchase and Keto Fridge ships your meal to your doorstep. Your meals arrive freshly prepared on a weekly basis.

Step Three – Unwrap the packaging and heat your meal. Follow the instructions as directed by Keto Fridge experts.

Keto Fridge features meals such as pumpkin spice cheesecake pancake bites with sous vide egg bites and chicken apple sausage, chicken parmesan sandwich on a KeDough roll and keto peanut butter cups.  They also have keto pizza, keto pizza crust (3-pack) and a nice selection of baked goods.


Looking for Keto meals prepared using grass-fed and non-GMO ingredients? Well, you are in luck. Factor75 is one of the best keto meal delivery services offering nutritious, convenient and delicious meals right at your doorstep.

How Factor75 works

Step One – Visit Factor75 website and start picking your meals. You can select from the weekly rotating menu full of nutrient dense meals.

Step Two – Select a suitable plan that works for you. There are five plans to choose from. Plans start at four meals with the best value being 18 meals a week.

Step Three – Once you complete the purchase, your meals get delivered cooked from scratch by professional chefs.  The meals are not delivered frozen but fresh!

Step Four – Heat your meals in the microwave or oven and enjoy!

Factor75 meals include blueberry pancakes, buffalo chicken breast or broccoli parmesan frittata cups and honey rosemary chicken or steak with sweet potato fries.

Green Chef

If you want to enjoy a delicious variety of well-prepared meals from premium ingredients, then Green Chef is the best food delivery for you. With an option for Keto diet followers, Green Chef prepares all meals with organic ingredients. No GMO foods. All ingredients come measured and ready to cook.

How Green Chef works

Step One – Select your meals.  For Keto diet followers, you have the option of selecting meals that meet your low carb lifestyle.  They are also gluten-free.

Step Two – After selecting meals, select your subscription plan and delivery day. Meals are delivered to your home based on a selected schedule.

Step Three – Since all the ingredients come pre-measured and ready to cook, all that remains is for you to follow the recipes.  It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare most meals.

Step Four – Once the food is ready, just serve and enjoy.

A few Green Chef Keto meals include seed-crusted chicken, Philly stuffed pepper, and Greek lemon-basil tuna steaks.

Ketoned Bodies

Founded by Bryan Charles and Paul Winberry, Ketoned Bodies is a meal delivery service specializing in the healthiest, tastiest and most powerful keto meals. The secret to Ketoned Bodies has always been high-quality ingredients and integrity. For humane and health reasons, Ketoned Bodies does not use meat from factory farmed animals. All meat is sourced from 100% grass fed animals.

How Ketoned Bodies Works

Step One – Place your order by selecting from the Ketoned Bodies well-curated menu. The menu has a keto meal plan.

Step Two – Meals are delivered right to your doorstep after purchase.  Meals are delivered frozen and no preparation is required. Just heat in the microwave or oven and enjoy.

Step Three – All Ketoned Bodies keto meals come in oven-safe containers. This makes it possible for you to reheat the foods when you desire.

Ketoned Bodies meals include ribeye and bacon butter brussels, white pasta-less lasagna, and Keto scramble with sausage.


As a longstanding meal delivery company, Diettogo focuses on providing healthy meals at affordable prices. With a goal of helping people establish a healthy eating lifestyle by making smart food choices, Diettogo offers hundreds of meal options. With access to the best chefs and USDA approved kitchen, all meals are nutritious and of high quality.

How Diettogo works

Step One – As a new customer, simply input your zip code to find out your delivery options. There are two – home delivery and local pickup. If you are a previous customer, sign in to start selecting your meals.

Step Two – Select a plan. Choose Keto Carb30 if you are following a keto diet.

Step Three – Complete the checkout process by adding your delivery details and making the payment.

Step Four – Meals are delivered to your doorstep or can be picked up at a convenient location.

True Fare

Started by Chef Richard, a Paleo meal delivery pioneer, True Fare is a healthy meal delivery service. It expanded from pre-made Paleo meals to Whole30, Ketogenic and AIP diet plans. To ensure customers are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Chef Richard and his team continuously innovate new meals and menus.

How True Fare works

Step One – To order from True Fare selection of low carb keto meals, visit the website and select the keto meals options.

Step Two – From the available menu of low carb breakfasts, keto meals and vegetable sides, select the meals you desire. You will notice that the meals are bundled together. This is done to provide you with a budget-friendly meal plan that meets your needs.

Step Three – Complete the payment and your meals are delivered right to your doorstep. Heat and enjoy!

True Fare meals include keto buns, grass-fed beef burgers and Italian chicken salad with organic grown zucchini and squash.

Have you tried any of these keto meal delivery services? Let us know!


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