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I almost didn’t want to eat this. It looked so beautiful when it came out of the oven. This recipe came from Keto is Life and it’s a spin on their Keto Shrimp Alfredo Spaghetti Squash dish. I made a few small tweaks that I think you’ll really like.

Why I love spaghetti squash

I haven’t had spaghetti noodles or any kind of pasta since I went keto in October of 2015. I really don’t miss it, but spaghetti squash is so delightful. It’s a treat from nature that has the near consistency and texture of thin spaghetti noodles without the carbs, refined wheat and other miscellaneous inflammatory-causing junk.

Rich in nutrients and low in carbs

One cup spaghetti squash has 7 grams of carbs compared to spaghetti noodles which has 43 grams of carbs. Wow! Spaghetti squash is also good source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and vitamin B6.

The recipe tweaks

I followed the recipe at Keto for Life with the exception of throwing in two cups of baby spinach in the Alfredo sauce. I also used cooked shrimp (saves a ton of time). I always keep a big bag of cooked shrimp in the freezer and use it for a variety of recipes. I just threw in eight shrimp into the Alfredo sauce along with the baby spinach.

This dish is absolutely delicious. It tasted like gourmet restaurant food without the expense. It was very easy to make and done in about 45 minutes. Most of that time was spent cooking the squash. I prepared the Alfredo sauce while the squash was cooking.

Definitely give this recipe a try!

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