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I absolutely love these keto-friendly fat bombs!  The recipe comes from Real Balanced.  I have been sort of tolerating other fat bomb recipes.  I’ve never really tasted one that I can rate a “10”.  These almond butter fat bombs come close.

The combination of almond butter and coconut oil makes this recipe a winner.  Sweetened with Lakanto’s classic monkfruit sweetener, you will never miss the sugar.

What Makes This Recipe Keto-Friendly

Almond Butter.  Almond butter is an excellent source of good fat, Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, protein and fiber.  Almond butter also has a low-glycemic index which is great for keto dieters.  I buy almond butter in bulk at Whole Foods.  It is a staple in my kitchen.

Coconut Oil.  A great source of good fat, I use Nutiva’s Coconut oil for most of my baking.

MonkFruit Sweetener.  My go-to Monkfruit sweetener is from Lakanto.  They have a nice variety of sweeteners that are great for baking.

Unsweetened Chocolate Chips.  I have really learned to love unsweetened chocolate chips and have fallen for PASCHA Organic Dark Chocolate Baking Chips which are 100% cacao.

This recipe calls for pouring the batter in an 8×8 pan.  I used parchment paper baking cups instead.  This made them super easy to grab right out of the refrigerator, and I didn’t have to fuss with cutting them in bars.

These keto treats disappeared quickly!  My husband, who has a sweet tooth and doesn’t do keto, loved them.  So did my daughter.

These are no-bake treats so they are super easy to make.  Enjoy!

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