Austin and Courtney Archibold had been making homemade ice cream for years before they decided to eat healthier, ketogenic foods. After switching their fuel source from sugar to healthy fats, they realized they had never felt better. However, existing ice cream options had too much sugar and did not have the creamy texture of real ice cream. Rather than give up ice cream forever, they set out to “ketofy” their favorite recipes. After months of tests and working with various food scientists, they developed the lowest net carb ice cream that had the taste and structure that ice cream deserves.

To test and validate the demand for this concept, they ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in Dec 2017.  Overwhelmed by the response, they hit their goal within 3 hours of launch and ultimately raised $80k, one of the largest Kickstarter campaigns for a perishable food product in the small batch category.  And that was the beginning of Rebel Creamery.

Rebel Ice Cream is now the first low carb, high fat, no sugar added ice cream on the market. Aubrey and Courtney worked with food scientist to find the perfect ratio of keto-friendly ingredients that makes Rebel as low carb as possible while still maintaining the taste and texture that ice cream deserves.  Purchase Rebel ice cream today!